I Love Cheese

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This hasn’t happened …. yet, but I wouldn’t put it past my cheese-loving daughter.

My oldest daughter loves cheese. She will often hover around when I am grating it and, when I am not looking, scoop some up and run off leaving a trail of shredded bits behind her. She is a true cheese-lover, or “Turophile” ( “Tyros” is Greek for cheese and “Phile” is English for Lover ). As of yet she hasn’t actually asked me to lick the cheese off of the grater, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

She takes after her old man, but unfortunately my dairy days are over. It’s bad for prostate cancer and, as such, that cow, at least for me, has gone off to pasture.

Take care. Stay healthy. Live life.


#cheeselover #turophile #cheese #foodie #fatherlyadvice #parenting #parentingfail #fatherlywisdom #kids #raisingkids #drawnandcoded #sketchbook #webcomic #comic #funny

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