Hi! My name is Scott Vandervort and you have found my website – Drawn and Coded.

By day I am a software engineer. I build web-based solutions for large enterprises using various languages, frameworks, and platforms. However, after a long day of coding the left-side of the brain takes over.

I draw comics strips because I am surrounded by inspiration. Inspiration needs an outlet, and, unfortunately, software development isn’t always the best medium. If it weren’t for my family, specifically my two daughters, Ashley and Kaylee, I don’t think I would have ever started.

Let’s be honest, kids do stupid stuff.

They break things. They say and do things that are inappropriate. They get into ridiculous situations. And, people generally accept it because, well, they’re just kids. And, for some stupid reason, as a parent, it’s funny – at least in retrospect.

It’s why comic strips such as Calvin and Hobbes and Peanuts are so popular years after they were last published. With kids, anything goes. Now, as a father and a comic strip artist, when I hear something breaking in my house, instead of getting angry, I think of it as an opportunity.

Sometimes, for better or worse, my inspiration comes from other things, too. I had a bad health scare recently, cancer. It was incredibly stressful and drawing comics was one of the many things that I turned to as a release. I realized that by poking fun at my situation I was able to gain some control over it, control that I had lost. And, by publishing the comics on my website, it was a proclamation to me and my three readers that I was going to be okay.

So, that covers inspiration. Why comics?

Because I watched way, way, way too much TV when I was a kid. Every afternoon, after school, I’d fling my backpack into a corner and watch Disney and Looney Toon cartoons. My childhood dream was to become an animator. Later, I discovered the morning comics in the newspaper. I’d spend every morning before school reading The Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, Bloom County, The Far Side, and a half-dozen other comics. I was mesmerized by how an entire story could fit in just a few panels. I was equally amazed by how a good cartoonist could mimic and lampoon life through deceptively simple drawings. I was hooked on reading them. I liked to draw, too, but never really put two-and-two together until much later, after having kids.

Like any skill, drawing isn’t easy. I’ve been doing it since I could hold a crayon and only started taking it seriously a few years ago. Since then I’ve taken some classes and work at it at least an hour a day. I’m nowhere near as good as I want to be and I probably never will be. However, I’m pretty sure I’ll never run out of inspiration.

I hope you enjoy the strips that you see on these pages. I sure had fun drawing them!

Take care. Stay healthy. Live life.

– Scott