1980’s road trip, Dad style …

road trip parenting fail family 80s yellowstone traveling with kids camping adventure nature flashback comic
Any road trip with my dad was the best road trip ever. For more go here.

In the late 1980’s my dad took my brother and I on an unforgettable road trip to Yellowstone. We spent the majority of the trip lying down in the cramped shell of his compact red pickup surrounded by camping gear, coolers, and a questionably watertight portable toilet. The cool thing about growing up in the 80’s is that you could do this, the bad thing about growing up in the 80’s is that you could do this. Today, if you were to ask me the most memorable thing about the trip, it wouldn’t be the geysers, or moose, or the camping – it would be the hours upon hours of conversation with my dad through the narrow sliding window joining the cab where my dad drove, and the bed, where my brother and I laid down.

Take care. Stay healthy. Live life. Enjoy the journey.

– Scott

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You’re never quite sure…

Hotel Del Beach Kids Parenting Fail Hotel Del Coronado San Diego Beach Smores Marshmallows Bonfire Fire Pit Perfect Day At The Beach Family Comic
My family and I were invited to join our good friends for a beach party on Coronado for an end-of-summer marshmallow roast before all of our kids went back to school. The waves were just big enough, the weather was just perfect enough, and the Del provided an endless supply of s’mores. As I watched my oldest get churned up in the waves I kept expecting her to stomp out of the water, throw down her board, and give up. She never did and her reaction after we finally had to fish her out of the water for s’mores was priceless.

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Surgery is over a month away, today is now

Universal Studios Hollywood Family Prostate Cancer Cancer
Our friends, the Cawlfields, invited us to Universal Studios Hollywood to celebrate their son, Allan’s, birthday. It was a lot of fun and a fantastic distraction.

“That was awesome!”, my oldest daughter, Ashley, screamed.

We had just gotten off “Harry Potter and the Hidden Journey” at Universal Studios, Hollywood. We, along with some of our friends, had taken advantage of a teacher “prep” day at Westwood Elementary and braved the 5N to Los Angeles.  Traffic was horrendous, there was a five car pileup just past Camp Pendleton that had snarled traffic for over an hour, but we made it. Now we were getting our first taste of what Universal had to offer.

I smiled at her, glanced at my phone, and noticed a message waiting. After listening to the message I squeezed Ashley’s shoulder and quickened my pace to catch up with Jodie.

“Are you okay?, she asked.

“Yup. I just got a call from Dr. Kane’s office. Surgery is set for March 16th at 7:20 AM.”, I told her.

“You sure you’re okay?”


Then my phone started ringing again. This time it was from BriovaRx, the specialty pharmacy that supplies me with Zytiga, one of the two hormone therapy medications that I’ve been taking. Instead of picking up I let it go to voicemail and put the phone back into my pocket. By then Ashley and Kaylee had caught up with us.

“So, what’s next?”, I asked them. 

Their attention was elsewhere. I followed their eyes to a nearby cart with a big sign marked “Butterbeer” on it. Six dollars and ninety-nine cents later we were sharing a cup of the frozen concoction, remarking how it tasted a lot like cream soda. 

My phone rang a third time; it was BriovaRx again. I let it go to voicemail, put my phone back into my pocket, took a big chug of the Butterbeer, and smiled. 

It tasted better than cream soda.

Surgery is over a month away, today is now. Phone calls and diet be damned, I was going to have fun with my family.

“So, what’s next?”, I asked them again.

Take care. Stay healthy. Live life.


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Prostate Cancer PSA
My PSA ( ng/mL ) as of 1/27/2020

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So, I went mountain biking …

Bike Crash Over The Hill Mountain Biking Bicycling Angelus Oaks Big Bear Mountain MTB Poetry Comic
…and I pretty much proved to myself that I probably shouldn’t go mountain biking anymore. I used to go a lot when I was younger. Key word : younger. This time I was a flailing 40-something precariously walking the line between between mortal injury and questionable control.

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If trees could talk

Angelus Oaks Big Bear Mountain Cabin Camping Tree Swing Oak Comic
I love oak trees. Occasionally my family and I are invited to stay at our friends’ cabin in Angelus Oaks and I am always drawn to them. They are gnarled, musty, and just a little spooky. I’m pretty sure the old trees have a lot of stories to tell, too.

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Don’t feed the birds …

Knotts Berry Farm Don't Feed The Birds Picnic Lunchtime Amusement Park Buena Park Anaheim
Knott’s Berry Farm ranks right up there with Disneyland for me. My dad took my brother and I there a lot during the 80s. Recently my family, friends, and I took our own kids. The park has changed a lot, obviously, but we had a great time – at least until lunchtime when chaos ensued….

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