You’re never quite sure…

My family and I were invited to join our good friends for a beach party on Coronado for an end-of-summer marshmallow roast before all of our kids went back to school. The waves were just big enough, the weather was just perfect enough, and the Del provided an endless supply of s’mores. As I watched my oldest get churned up in the waves I kept expecting her to stomp out of the water, throw down her board, and give up. She never did and her reaction after we finally had to fish her out of the water for s’mores was priceless.

Take care. Stay healthy. Live life. Eat s’mores.


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Convenience versus Aesthetics

Convenience versus Aesthetics

My wife has been studying for her Real Estate Broker’s License.  She reads the books,  most of which are digital, on her iPhone. After suffering through several stiff necks I found her wearing this unholy contraption around her neck. Yes, it resolved the stiff necks … but at what cost?!?!?

Take care. Stay healthy. Live life.


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I Broke My Butt

I Broke My Butt

She slipped.

She fell. 

She broke her rear.


My cousin.

My La La. 

Who I hold so dear.


Her spirit. 

Is strong. 

She will recover.


This comic. 

I drew. 

Because I love her.

My apologies to the REAL author, Dawn McMillan as I’m probably breaking some copyright and artistic integrity laws here.  And now for the original, available at :

I Broke My Butt - Original



Take care. Stay healthy. Live life.


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Stinging Advice

Stinging Advice
After “throwing” Kaylee on a bee I comforted her in a way only a father knows how.

Last week I was rolling around with my youngest daughter, Kaylee, on the grass in our backyard. At one point I heaved her up and unceremoniously plopped her onto her butt. What happened next surprised me. Her eyes grew as big as saucers and she launched herself into the air with a loud shriek.

“Dad threw me onto a bee!”, she screamed, flailing her arms.

“DAD THREW ME ONTO A BEE!”, she screamed again, louder.

In one swift move Jodie rushed over, picked her up, sat her on a bench, and removed the stinger. After Jodie produced a bag of frozen peas to apply to the gaping hole in Kaylee’s leg I felt the situation had been diffused enough to sidle up next to her. This comic was inspired by what transpired next.

Take care. Stay healthy. Live life.


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Face masks are complex …

Face Masks Are Complex
It never ceases to amaze me how complex a face mask really is.  I’ve seen more masks converted to stylish ascots and/or subjected to periscoping noses than I care to. The instructions are simple. If you’re going to wear one, please, at least wear it correctly.

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Minecraft Easter Egg Hunt


“Dad! Can we do an Easter Egg Hunt on Minecraft?”, my oldest daughter, Ashley, asked me.

In years past we would go to the Westwood Club, our community center, for an annual Easter Egg Hunt with our friends and neighbors. However this year, due to social distancing restrictions enacted to slow the Coronavirus, the community center would be closed and the Easter Egg Hunt, cancelled.

“That is a great – wait, no, fantastic idea!”, I told her excitedly, “Let’s do it!”

So, during the week leading up to Easter Sunday we created a Minecraft World, populated it with a bunch of colorful “eggs” ( we substituted in-game colored wool blocks ), and scheduled a Zoom teleconference so that the participants could talk.

We kept the rule simple. 

  • Each participant would be provided a “basket” ( an in-game chest ) that would reside in the starting area. 
  • Each basket would contain tools ( a pickaxe and shears ) which would allow the participant to “mine” the eggs.
  • A hunt would last 15 minutes. 
  • During the hunt each participant would have to find and mine as many eggs as they could and return them to their basket before time ran out. Only eggs inside the basket at the end of the hunt would be tallied. 
  • And most importantly, the participant with the most eggs wins.

For each hunt we also hid a special “golden egg” ( an in-game gold block ) which would be worth ten regular eggs.

To get by Minecraft’s 8-player limit we would hold two hunts. The first would be for the older kids who would re-hide the eggs for the second hunt, which would be for the younger kids.

The hunt had it’s hiccups, but everyone seemed to have a good time. Hopefully next year we’ll be able to once again meet up with our friends and neighbors at the community center for a real, in-person Easter Egg Hunt, but desperate times call for desperate measures and this measure, in my humble opinion, wasn’t so much desperate as it was fun.

Stay healthy and stay safe everyone.

Till next time.


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