Working from Home

Working from home WFH Co-workers Dogs COVID
I’ve been working remotely from home for one year now and it’s been great….well, mostly. For more go here.

I’ve been working remotely from home for one year now and it’s been great….well, mostly. Like anything new, there have been obstacles. However, after many trials and tribulations I can now run the gauntlet like a soccer mom evading children playing in the street in her minivan.

Here are some things that I have learned ( maybe they’ll help you, too ) :

  • I’ve learned that there is no longer anyone to blame other than myself for burning the popcorn in the microwave
  • ….and, that that horrible leftover smell in the fridge is, in fact, my own.
  • I’ve learned that having an “open door policy” doesn’t work when your officemates are two kids ( and dogs ).
  • I’ve learned that when everyone is working from home on battery powered keyboards and mice, he who holds the last two AA batteries is king.
  • I’ve learned that my wife showers at precisely the same time as my daily webcam meetings – and that the camera faces the bathroom. 
  • Lastly, I’ve learned that pants are, indeed, optional.

Take care. Stay healthy. Live life. Forgo the pants.


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New Puppy

puppy love adopt a dog puppies and kids family parenting fail comic
Proof that it’s impossible to “go see” a puppy without bringing it home. For more go here.

Is your household a little too calm and relaxing? Do you have lots of nice things that you need destroyed in short order? Is your carpet looking a little too clean? Is walking through your backyard without stepping in something too easy and you need more of a challenge? Well, if that’s the case I have a solution to your problem – adopt a puppy! A puppy will resolve all of these problems within days of bringing one home.

In practice, there’s really no such thing as “visiting” a puppy that is up for adoption. That was Jodie and my first mistake. The second was bringing our daughters, Ashley and Kaylee, with us. There was no way “Mattie” ( now “Maddie” ) wasn’t coming home with us.

Take care. Stay healthy. Live life. Adopt a puppy ( you won’t regret it ).

– Scott

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kitten cat lover snow flake the fluffy white cat pet lover cone of shame spay nuder
My friend, Aymie, asked me to draw her kitten, “Snowflake”, a recent victim of the scalpel. For more Snowflake you can visit her Instagram page at snowflakethefluffywhitecat. Yes, the kitten has a Instagram page, too – and arguably more fans than me!

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I Broke My Butt

kids books i broke my butt dawn mcmillan elementary school teacher tailbone cousin family dogs lover comic
My cousin, Angela, badly hurt her rear and I thought she could use some cheering up so I plagiarized one of her students’ favorite books. My apologies to the REAL author of “I Broke My Butt”, Dawn McMillan as I’m probably breaking some copyright and artistic integrity laws. The original can be found here on Amazon. For more on my rendition go here.

She slipped.

She fell. 

She broke her rear.

My cousin.

My La La. 

Who I hold so dear.

Her spirit. 

Is strong. 

She will recover.

This comic. 

I drew. 

Because I love her.

Take care. Stay healthy. Live life.


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Sometimes you just need to take more walks …

mental health cancer psychology psychiatrist pet therapy dogs exercise walking comic
My psychologist has been a big part of my cancer team. He loves dogs so I drew this to thank him for all of his help. For more go here.

Part of my “team” when dealing with my cancer is my psychologist. We first met months before I had my official diagnosis, when I was dealing with the anxiety, stress, and subsequent pain by what was then thought to be prostatitis. After our first meeting I walked out of his office completely unconvinced by what he had to say. It took several months before my stubbornness subsided and I reconsidered. Since then he has helped me better understand, well, me.

I showed him some of my comics during our last meeting and he was genuinely impressed and suggested that I draw more. So I did. This one is for him. As you can probably guess, he loves dogs. This dog in particular has some very good advice, too, although he might be a tad biased.

Take care. Stay healthy. Live life.


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Prostate Cancer PSA
My PSA ( ng/mL ) as of 05/11/2020

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bibliophile dog lover books classic literature avid reader pets dogs dr Seuss cat in the hat parenting fail kids comic
My dog inspired this after taking a bite out of Dr. Seuss’ post-mortem release of “What Pet Should I Get” of all things. Reading that book to my daughters takes on a whole new meaning now.

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Just a little more sugar …

hummingbirds kids on sugar nectar flowers hummingbird feeder birds kids parenting family spring grandparents sugar comic
My dad passed away a year ago. I found it amusing that he loved hummingbirds so much given than he, too, thrived on sugar. Whereas his tiny feathered friends sucked it from his two hummingbird feeders, he got his own fix from cookies, brownies, and other sweets. When my dad passed away I inherited the feeders. I drew this comic in jest of his love for sugar … and hummingbirds. I miss you, dad.

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