I’m kind of attached to the stuff on my desk. Apparently my stuff is, too….

Last year Jodie bought me a diffuser for my office. It did an amazing job of masking the funk of two dogs and, well, me, until it didn’t. Turns out, just like milk, essential oils can “turn” if left in a diffuser for too long. Jodie started buying me candles shortly after that revelation. Thing is? Candles don’t last that long. Now instead of a smell problem, I have a jar problem.

“Jodie! I’m accumulating jars from all of the burned out candles you have been bringing me.”, I announced from my office.

I looked back at my desk. My lamp stooped over the carcasses of empty jars cluttered around it, its light reftacting off of the colored glass.

“It looks ….  kinda sad”, I thought to myself.

“Can you use them as planters?”, Jodie called back from downstairs, interrupting my thought.

“Good idea!”, I called back to her.

But first I have a better idea…”, I thought to myself.


Take care. Stay healthy. Live life.


#candles #lamps #scentsy #essentialoils #candlelight #officedesk #friends #comic #drawnandcoded

One thought on “Illuminating

  1. Scott, you are so talented! You have a great sense of humor! Loved your messy desk drawings!


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