Radiation “Therapy”

radiation therapy cancer prostate cancer photon therapy oncology oncologist xray hospital comic
This is how I picture radiation therapy : a giant death ray pointed at my crotch. Fortunately, my mental image is far from the truth, or so my radiation oncologist tells me. Now if only I could convince my brain. For more go here.

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My PSA ( ng/mL ) as of 06/10/2020

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8 thoughts on “Radiation “Therapy”

  1. Take a deep breathe and think about something else during radiation treatment. This will be the least painful thing you will go through.

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  2. Scott, Aimee says radiation isn’t painful just makes you a little tired! My doctor told me the same! When do you start? I find out July 1st! I can do chemo, radiation and eye surgery at the same time! I have chemo once every 3 weeks! I will keep having until March 2002 ! Love your drawing! You are so talented!
    Love Tia


    1. I hope by “at the same time” you mean on separate days! Three doctors scrambling over you simultaneously to fix your eyes, administer chemo, and administer radiation would be an interesting comic to draw 🙂 The problem with my radiation is that they’re targeting a very personal area whose functionality I just recently regained. My doctor seems to think I’ll be fine, too, but if he rolls in a huge death ray I’m outta’ there!


      1. Scott, not at the exact same time! I’d be a zombie! I’ll be able to have the three around the same time span. I will have radiation on same day as chemo! Eye surgery around the same time!


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