Just a little more sugar …

hummingbirds kids on sugar nectar flowers hummingbird feeder birds kids parenting family spring grandparents sugar comic
My dad passed away a year ago. I found it amusing that he loved hummingbirds so much given than he, too, thrived on sugar. Whereas his tiny feathered friends sucked it from his two hummingbird feeders, he got his own fix from cookies, brownies, and other sweets. When my dad passed away I inherited the feeders. I drew this comic in jest of his love for sugar … and hummingbirds. I miss you, dad.

#hummingbirds #kidsonsugar #nectar #flowers #hummingbirdfeeder #birds #kids #parenting #family #spring #grandparents #sugar #webcomic #funny #comic #drawnandcoded

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