A Stock Portfolio using Angular 6 : Challenge Accepted


The Interview Coding Challenge

I’m interviewing right now. One thing that has changed dramatically since I last interviewed is …. the dreaded “Coding Challenge”. What used to consist of a quick whiteboarding excercise has now progressed into the design and development of an entire application. The good news is that employers typically allow you to do it from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. The bad news is that the challenges can be quite elaborate.

A Stock Portfolio using Angular 6

One of the coding challenges that I was presented with by an employer was to develop a “stock portfolio” application that would allow you to enter stock tickers and news articles. The rules were vague: I just needed to use a newer Javascript Framework ( React, Angular, Vue, etc … ) as well as a Presentation Framework ( Angular Material, Bootstrap, etc… ).

I accepted the challenge, started working on it, and then quickly realized how much cooler the stock portfolio application could be with some additional features. I coul pull in Local Storage, a Live Stock Feed, Charting! Professionally this would be taboo – a bad case of what is know as scope creep. However, being unemployed with some extra time on my hands I felt it was an opportunity to showcase something pretty cool.

In a hurry?

The finished source code is available on my GitHub repository.

The finished application is up-and-running on Heroku here. Be aware that it is running on a “free” development server so give it a minute or so to spool up.

Till next time!


Next : Requirements, Components, and Mock-ups.

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