“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” 

– Dr. Seuss

From outward appearances software development appears to be an easy career. You sit in a comfortable chair, stare at a screen, and push roughly 104 different buttons in varying sequences to get a computer to do something. As you probably already know it’s so much more than that. Abstract problem solving, loosely defined requirements, remote teams, constantly changing frameworks, and cryptic bugs all make for a very challenging – yet rewarding – career.

Being a software developer means you need to constantly learn new things. Being a good software developer is being able to explain the things you learned to others. Here is a collection or articles that I wrote during my career.


A Stock Portfolio using Angular 6 : Routing

Teaching My Girls to Program


A Stock Portfolio using Angular 6 : Finding a Financial Web Service

A Stock Portfolio using Angular 6 : Requirements, Components, and Mock-ups

A Stock Portfolio using Angular 6 : Challenge Accepted


Drupal 7: Allow a Theme to use a newer version of jQuery


Build your own Raspberry Pi Arcade Cabinet

Running Handbrake in Ubuntu on a Windows 7 Host


A Paginated JQuery UI Autocomplete Widget

Javascript Memory Leaks and the Kendo Grid


Javascript Unit Testing for the Conscientious Developer


ASP.NET MVC versus Web Forms Smackdown

An (Improved) ASP.NET Script Resource Manager

Simple AJAX Using JQuery, JSON, ASP.NET, and WCF

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