Security blanket …

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My oldest daughter has been attached to a threadbare Minnie Mouse Blanket since she was born. She’s not particularly attached to Minnie – just the blanket. It’s only a matter of time before ….

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5 thoughts on “Security blanket …

  1. Oh no! Did Ash’s Minnie Mouse blanket finally implode? I think I’ve trimmed and re-sewn borders on that a few times already. Can’t believe it’s lasted so long.

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  2. Aimee loved the satin trim on blankets, she still does. Marc was Snoopy that he kept for many years! Scott, I got the ticket problem solved! Lots of phone calls and letters! I also fixed a problem on my phone! There’s hope for me on technology…maybe!! Loved being with all of you at Don’s birthday lunch! ❤️


  3. I remember Marc’s Snoopy 🙂 He used to drag it everywhere! I (cough cough ) still have my Mickey Mouse. He’s kicking it on a shelf in my office at home.

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